Why Fair Trade?


  • It offers respect for the hard work of talented people
  • It helps to provide a sustainable way of life for developing communities
  • It is anti-slavery and anti-child labour
  • Supports conservation of the environment
  • Empowers women and minorities

    Does a Fair Trade purchase make a difference?

    Yes, Every time you choose to purchase a fair trade item it is aiding to support a just and sustainable global economic system. Each purchase is a step forward to the elimination of global poverty.

    Do Fair goods cost more than conventional products?

    Not necessarily, because fair trade organizations work directly with producers cutting out the middleman. This way it helps to keep the products affordable for consumers and returns a greater percentage of the price to the producers.

    What is the difference between Fair Trade and Free Trade?

    Free Trade is the movement of products between countries without government restrictions to improve efficiency. This may result in some countries lowering costs, wages , safety and environmental regulations as they look to gain market share. Fair Trade mean treating producers with respect, paying fair wages , fostering development and adhering to environmental standards.